3 of the Best Lotions to Cover Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are the striated lines in the middle layer of the skin that occur due to a rapid growth, weight gain or weight loss or pregnancy. This is according to the NHS Choices of the UK’s National Health Service. The color of these lines on their first appearance are red purple or pink but will change to white as they fade in due time. Because there are no sure remedies yet to remove stretch marks completely, some treatments can be done to minimize their appearance or at least cover them up temporarily. Here are some of the best lotions to cover stretch marks.

Product 1: Cocoa Butter

According to Stretch Marks Help, although cocoa butter is almost synonymous with stretch marks, there is no scientific evidence yet that it can erase them. However, products containing cocoa butter moisturize the skin and promote skin renewal which helps in lessening the appearance of stretch marks. Since it is a natural product, it can be used on all skin types safely, according to Stretch Marks Fade. Use a lotion or oil on stretch marks that appear on delicate skin like breasts and thicker body butter can be used on tougher skin like the thighs and the hips.

Product 2: Stretch Mark Creams

Best Lotions to Cover Stretch Marks Today, stretch marks are very common and everybody wants to get rid of them, there are several cream products sold in the market that claim to remove and reduce stretch marks. But these claims are nowhere to be found but you can find some products that are better than the others, says Stretch Marks Help. According to some independent reviews, the most recommended creams that are effective for preventing and reducing stretch marks are Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention, Zenmed Stretta and Trilastin SR.

Studies also say that tretinoin cream can minimize stretch marks, as mentioned by MayoClinic.com. This has ingredients that can help build collagen which is the skin’s support structure and causes the stretch marks to blend in with the rest of the skin. However this cream is only effective on new stretch marks that are still pink or red in color. This can cause irritation on some skin types and is not recommended for pregnant women.

Product 3: Tanning Lotion

The application of tanning lotion or bronzing cream on stretch marks can help conceal them but temporarily only, says Stretch Marks Treatments. Better select a product that is nearly the same as the color of your skin and apply it along the stretch marks to blend them in. First, you can do some testing using several shades to get the best that can do the cover-up job. After that, you may try to look into how tanning lotions may make a difference on your stretch marks.

There are a lot of things you can make use of when it comes to concealing stretch marks. You may consider the lotions to cover stretch marks or you may also undergo some treatments that may help. For you to be able to make sure you arrive at the best choice, it is best to always consult with your doctor, preferably a dermatologist to check on this skin problem.

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