3 Types of Stretch Mark Treatment Creams

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Lots of individuals erroneously believe that stretch marks are stretched out skin. In reality, stretch marks stand for a collagen collapse inside the epidermal coating of your skin, frequently instigated throughout fast weight increase or sudden hormonal changes all throughout pregnancy, weight training or growth surges. Individuals who have stretch marks frequently search for medications, varying from putting on different stretch mark creams to cosmetic surgical procedure. On the other hand, there are treatments that can only reduce the manifestation of stretch marks, but not totally eliminate them. There are assortments of stretch mark treatment creams obtainable in the market, prescription, OTC and natural remedies included.Stretch Mark Treatment Creams

Stretch Mark Cream 1: Prescribed Stretch Mark Creams

Dermatologists frequently recommend creams for individuals with stretch marks. The lively ingredients included in lots of prescription stretch mark medications contain different kinds of retinoids like isotretinoin, tretinoin, or retinaldehyde. The research conducted in 1996 showed that retinol creams considerably lessened the gravity of stretch marks for approximately 80%. The most frequently prescribed stretch mark creams include Mederma, Trilastin, ZENMED Stretta and Revitol.

Stretch Mark Cream 2: Over-the Counter Stretch Mark Creams

The over-the-counter stretch mark creams function in assortment of means. A number of products like the ones created by Aveeno or Neutrogena contain exfoliating properties known as hydroxy acid to slacken off the topmost coating of injured skin cells and to accelerate the progression of collagen. It performs similar to a mild chemical peel. Other types of OTC stretch mark treatments include peptides, an ingredient that enhances collagen development. One of the most popular OTC stretch mark cream nowadays is Strivectin.

Stretch Mark Cream 3: Natural Stretch Mark Creams

Skin disturbed by stretch marks frequently requires moisture. Moisturizers like cocoa butter or Shea butter is an element found in lots of natural stretch mark medications. Cocoa butter sticks obtained from cocoa beans as well as vegetable fat, tenders intense moisturizing strength. Both natural and OTC formulations frequently contain antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C to stimulate the curing of scar tissue as well as ward off additional injury. According to the review published in the New York Times, individuals who take care of their skin by means of vitamin E or any skin care products containing vitamin E possess lesser amount of stretch marks.

Examples of Stretch Mark Creams

Lots of stretch mark creams can be obtained in the market. One is called the StrialFade Stretch Mark Resolution. This contains ingredients that are established to cure stretch marks affecting both men and women. It can be used for prevention as well as existing stretch marks. It should be kept in airless dispenser to make sure that it will stay fresh and effective as when the day it was previously bottled.

Another product is Strivectin. This particular stretch mark removal cream includes two lively components that soften the skin as well as renovates injured stretch marks sites. It is well-liked by lots of individuals with stretch marks for the reason that aside from the fact that it can help eliminate stretch marks, it can also be used as prevention for its manifestation. The ingredients incorporated include palmitoyl pentapeptide and palmitoyl oligopeptide, all made to intensify collagen production as well as renovate injured cells.

There are types of stretch mark treatment creams to take note of. They deliver the same purpose though, that is, to eliminate stretch mark temporarily.

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