A Look at 4 Stretch Mark Creams for Prevention

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A lot of people are affected with stretch marks and almost all of them are looking for ways to treat or prevent them. The most popular way is by the use of stretch mark creams which is also known as stria creams. There are many options to choose from that can help prevent and treat stretch marks. You can select from cheap creams to high end creams that cost hundreds of dollars per jar. Often, it is really confusing to look for the right one for you. Try to go through with this article and you will know the most popular options with their ingredients, benefits and prices as well.Stretch Mark Creams for Prevention

Product 1: Skin Nutrition

Skin Nutrition by Urban Skintrition claims that they are the number one stretch mark cream being sold in the international market. It contains ingredients such as vitamin A, E, C, shea butter and polypeptides which are the most common ingredients among stretch mark creams. These ingredients as they claim can help skin appear smoother and softer, more toned and firmer. Take note that lotions can also help skin appear more toned for a short period of time but only exercise can actually increase tone. A 4-oz. jar of Skin Nutrition costs $26.95 in places like Amazon.com and costs $44.99 in a mall store.

Product 2: StriVectin-SD

StriVectin-SD by StriVectin is one of the most expensive stretch mark removal creams in the market. It contains such ingredients like various peptides, moisturizers and darutoside which claim to stabilize collagen. The manufacturer claims this as an anti-wrinkle phenomenon and this “miracle” cream is not only a pregnancy stretch mark cream but also an amazing wrinkle remover which people can use on their faces for dramatic results. You can buy this cream at $75 for 6 oz on Amazon and at $135 in other stores.

Product 3: Revitol

Revitol stretch mark cream by Revitol is also one of the well known creams in the market. This cream contains squalene oil, grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera extract and various vitamins. Like most other creams they claim to make wonders but some say that it didn’t work at all. Like majority of the creams in the market, they can prevent stretch marks and can increase skin elasticity and firmness. On Amazon, the price is $27 for 4oz.

Product 4: Bella B Tummy Honey Butter

For sure Bella B Tummy Honey Butter by Bella B would be your grandmother’s recommendation because this cream contains the classic ingredients shea and cocoa butter. It has also the ingredients such as vitamins, wheat germ oil and lanolin. This cream had received good reviews from some users. The price is $15 for 4oz. which seems to be a good price as compared to other creams. Besides claiming that it can make the skin more elastic, it also has anti-itch agents for those who are experiencing a belly itch. Since Grandma knows best, why don’t give this one a shot?

You have seen your options when it comes to stretch mark creams that will prevent the problem. However, we still advice that you must always consult your doctor about the best thing to do and don’t forget to ask your friends what worked for them. Bear in mind that when it comes to creams and lotions, the price doesn’t matter when it comes to effectiveness.

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