5 of The Best Lotions to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are one of the ugliest results of pregnancy. Almost one half of pregnant women will most likely build up stretch marks throughout their pregnancy, commonly during the third trimester. However, these sinister, distinguished streaks will lighten in due course of time, but commonly never fades completely. As of the present, there is no stretch mark prevention cream available that is completely efficient. The products typically work to alleviate uneasiness as well as further indications of stretch marks. Additionally, few of these lotions when utilized sufficiently at an early stage of stretch marks might lessen the gravity as well as durability of the stretch marks. Despite that, it still pays to take a look at the best lotions to prevent pregnancy stretch marks.Lotions to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Product #1: Palmer’s Stretch Mark Cream.

This is a stretch mark prevention product that contains cocoa butter, vitamin E, collagen and elastin. Even though cocoa butter has no proven ability to prevent stretch marks and its manifestation, it is still considered as an emollient to your skin. Since the Palmer’s Stretch Mark Cream contains vital ingredients that help in making the appearance of the skin better (like the vitamin E, collagen and elastin) you can still be sure that stretch marks can be lessened considerably during and after pregnancy. You only have to use the product as directed to achieve desirable effects.

Product #2: Tummy Honey Cream

You can utilize this product throughout or following pregnancy to lessen stretch marks manifestation. This product contains cocoa butter as well, which according to New York Times has doubtful significance in averting stretch marks. The other ingredients incorporated in Tummy Honey Cream are vitamins C, E and B5. The product also includes anti-itch components to prevent you from scratching your stomach and other parts of your body.

Product #3: Retinol Cream and AHAs.

Even though skin creams with retinol and alpha hydroxy acids are not firmly designed for stretch mark prevention, they can still play an important function in lessening the gravity as well as distinction of new stretch marks. The most popular cream you can avail of is Retin-A, which includes tretinoin, a derivative of vitamin A and is utilized for assortments of skin conditions. However, you must not utilize this product if you are pregnant because it can affect the fetus, and if you are nursing because it can be secreted into the breast milk.

Product #4: Mederma.

This is another form of topical alternative you can use, which utilizes onion extracts as a lively component. Once applied a number of times daily, the cream will assist to make the area softer and support healing, aiding stretch marks to become less noticeable.

Product #5: Glycolic Acid.

This treatment alternative can be recommended by a dermatologist. It is identified to accelerate collagen development, which might lessen the manifestation of stretch marks. These medications can be utilized together with retinoids for optimum outcomes.

In case the above mentioned solutions do not work, you may always use other alternatives to these stretch mark creams or lotions. There are types of laser treatments used for both new and previous stretch marks. For new stretch marks, V-beam is used to aid accelerate healthful cells and collagen development.  Previous stretch marks can be treated with Fraxel laser, whose main objective is to accelerate development of collagen beneath the second layer of the skin.

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5 of The Best Lotions to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings