Benefits of Stretch Mark Creams for Pregnancy

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Being pregnant is an amazing experience for every woman. However, the existence of ugly stretch marks as well as scarring on the abdomen and other parts of the body after giving birth transforms the excitement into a nightmare. Stretch marks are the red and purple colored vertical lines that form especially in the abdomen during pregnancy. These striations are really hard to get rid off after pregnancy. It is important then to prevent the occurrence of these stretch marks.  Luckily, several stretch mark removal creams are now available. They are proven to be effective in the prevention and treatment of striations during pregnancy. Here are some lists of the benefits of the stretch mark creams during pregnancy.

Benefit 1: Improves Skin Elasticity

Stretch Mark Creams for Pregnancy

Stretch marks cream for pregnancy help improve the elasticity of the skin and restore its lost texture too. There are topical solutions that contain ingredients which help stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen proteins by the skin like emu oil and vitamin E. There are also creams that have these proteins but in trace amounts only. However, daily application of these creams at least 3 times a day can help the skin withstand the stretch marks during pregnancy.

Benefit 2: Enhances Skin Rejuvenation

Stretch marks creams also contain moisturizers and skin softeners such as Shea butter and cocoa butter which enhance skin rejuvenation, making the skin smooth and keeping it hydrated and reduces the chances for stretch marks to develop as well. Due to the application of these ingredients, the skin becomes softer and glows with a renewed freshness. Dry skin can delay the process of stretch marks removal.

Benefit 3: Improves Skin Flexibility

The application of pregnancy stretch mark creams regularly can improve the flexibility of the skin. Some of these products have exfoliating agents such as Tretinoin which can peel off the upper dead skin cell layer called stratum corneum. The next layer of the skin will then come to the surface, thereby making the skin look smooth, soft and radiant.

Benefit 4: Improves Blood Circulation

Massaging the cream for a deeper absorption can improve blood circulation within the skin tissue. This will enable efficient breathing, better absorption of nutrients and removal of toxins.

Benefit 5: Reduces Inflammation

Protein fibers present in the underlying dermis tissue of the skin can be torn due to extensive stretching of the stomach therefore causing scars on the stomach and breasts. This will also cause disruption of the capillaries in the vicinity which results in microscopic bleeding. This case leads to inflammation and infection. Fortunately, there are skin products that contain anti-inflammatory and anti-infective molecules which are useful in reducing inflammation and hasten the process of stretch marks repair.

Benefit 6: Prevents Skin Sagging

A pregnant woman may also experience sagging of the skin. Stretch mark creams have also the ingredients that can treat this condition effectively. Such products could also be used in treating other aging symptoms like blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles that appear in the face.

Benefit 7: Easy Application

The use of stretch mark creams for pregnancy is one of the most effective means of treating striations and scars with at least no major side effects not like other treatments such as surgery and laser therapy. Another advantage of these creams is that you can apply them in the convenience of your homes without the need of a doctor.

Stretch mark creams are with no doubt beneficial for pregnancy. You have read all the benefits above; it is now up to you to use the creams to your advantage.

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