A Closer Look at 6 OTC Stretch Mark Creams

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Stretch mark is a type of blemish that progresses beneath the skin. It happens once the collagen, which sustains the skin, collapses because of straightening during pregnancy or weight increase. Its color is normally white, purple or pink. Once you decide to use over-the-counter stretch mark removal creams, you have to take into consideration the ingredients incorporated in the product. Let us take a look at the following OTC stretch mark creams then.OTC Stretch Mark Creams

Product #1: Mederma.

This is produced to assist in curing skin blemishes as well as stretch marks. It is a topical gel that is not greasy and includes an active ingredient known as Cepalin, an extract from onions. Cepalin is described to be efficient in lessening the manifestation of blemishes and stretch marks.

Product #2: Revitol.

This is considered as an all-natural product asserting to toil on previous and fresh stretch marks. It has squalene oil, a powerful revitalizing means, comparable to innate human oil or sebum. It also includes DL-penthenol-pro vitamin B5, which allegedly enhances the configuration of the lower and upper coatings of the skin. The grapefruit seed incorporated in this product is considered an innate antibiotic that can remedy injured skin.

Product #3: Revitagen FX.

Manufacturers of the product claim that it can support the curing of blemishes, enhances metabolism of the skin cells, mends staining, induces collagen production as well as nourishes skin cells. The ingredients incorporated in the product are siegesbeckia orientalis and retinyl palmitate, which are said to intensify the metabolism of the skin. It can also rejuvenate collagen, which shows the way to young-looking and provide solid skin due to penta-peptides. It also makes the moisture and flexibility of the skin better due to the addition of oligopeptides. According to some assertions, the extract from the plant sigesbeckia orientalis alters the potency as well as the manifestation of stretch marks, lessening their duration, surface area and profundity.

Product #4: Palmer’s.

The cocoa butter formula occurs in lots of products, lotion for stretch marks included. The lively ingredients of Palmer products consist of cocoa butter, Shea butter, vitamin E, collagen and elastin. Its suggested usage is to rubdown the lotion along with the intense Tummy Butter throughout and following pregnancy for optimum outcomes. These products are obtainable in lots of drug stores all over the country and priced at $5 to $8.

Product #5: Revitagen.

This is a stretch mark cream that includes dermatologist re-evaluated formula. Its main component consists of cocoa butter, siegesbeckia orientalis and palmitoyl pentapeptide-3. The two last ingredients are considered to intensify collagen development. You can purchase it in stores online for a price of $69.99 for every tube. It includes a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with outcomes following 60 days of use.

Product #6: TriLASTIN.

This type of stretch mark cream utilizes elevated strength collagen, elastin as well as soy protein to accelerate fast cell production and weaken stretch marks. The manufacturer assures that you can begin noticing the outcomes in just three to four weeks. One month supply will cost you $79.95. You can only purchase the product from their company website. It also includes a 60-day money back guarantee once you are not satisfied with the outcomes.

There are plenty of OTC stretch mark creams to choose from. The above-mentioned ones are but six of the thousands you will find. Make sure you know which one to choose to get the best out of your investment.

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