How to Compare Stretch Mark Creams and Derma Rollers

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There is no stretch mark cream as of today that can completely remove stretch marks. Although these creams claim that they can totally remove them, what they can only do is to make these stretch marks less noticeable. One common complain for women who had already given birth is that stretch marks can occur in different parts of the body. These stretch marks are the cause of the sudden expansion of the skin due to rapid growth or fluctuation of weight during pregnancy. Other causes of stretch marks are rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss and puberty. It is for these reasons that users are torn in between using stretch mark creams and derma rollers. Here is how to compare them.Derma Rollers

Tip #1: Know more about the need to use any of these solutions.

Come to think of it, if you compare your skin to an elastic band that when pulled with great force for a period of time will never come back to its original form even when released. Same thing is true when it happens to the skin. During pregnancy, your skin is stretched as the baby grows inside your stomach. After giving birth, your skin will not return to its original form. Your stomach will be left sagging.

Tip #2: Know when derma rollers are needed.

Because of the stretch marks left after giving birth, these small wavy lines found in some parts of your body can be improved by micro needling. This is where we need derma rollers. By rolling this small device onto the skin, you’ll be able to fill in some of the pitting.

Tip #3: Establish the advantages of derma rollers

These personal derma rollers are easy to use and offer solutions to a wide range of skin-related problems. You only need to follow minimal instructions and you can roll away your stretch marks in the comfort of your home. Derma rollers come with different lengths of needles so as to treat specific areas where stretch marks are. Stretch marks require a longer set of needles than facial acne scars do.

Tip #4: Know how derma rollers work.

Using a derma roller onto your skin is a kind of exercise to your controlled damage skin. The micro needles that are scattered on the roller’s surface prick the dermis layer of the skin, triggering the body’s auto response to such injuries so as to produce collagen. The additional production of collagen is layered onto the scarred skin. Although there are no immediate results that are visible, continuous use of derma rollers, will result to supple and a more even textured skin that will resurface.

No doubt Derma rollers are the most innovative remedy for treating skin disorders especially for stretch marks. However, like stretch mark creams, they have to be used more often than expected to prove their efficacy when it comes to treating stretch marks. Using derma rollers may cost you the same thing as you splurge money with jars of stretch mark creams.

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