How to Use Egg Whites to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks can be attributed to extremely stretched out skin throughout pregnancy or abrupt weight increase. This results to damaged blood vessels that initially occur in flimsier tints of pink, gradually turning into columns of silvery gray. It usually manifests on the stomach and breast, but they can as well manifest on other parts of the body like the legs and arms. The manifestation of stretch marks can lead to extreme self-consciousness in people; that is why you may have to look eventually for the help of your dermatologist. However, if you have no money to spend for expensive products, you can search for less extreme answers to your problem by means of utilizing egg whites, as an innate treatment substitute. Egg whites include amino acids as well as proteins that are considered useful in healing the skin and renovated it into a smooth young-looking form. Get to know how to use egg whites to get rid of stretch marks.

Tip #1: Divide the egg whites and yolks from two eggs.

You can do it by breaking it through the use of a knife and let the egg white drip into the bowl. The yolk will stay within the egg shell, and you can throw it away or utilized for further intentions.

Tip #2: Whisk the egg.

Use Egg Whites to Get Rid of Stretch MarksWhisk the egg whites using a fork or a whisking tool. You should lightly whisk it only.

Tip #3: Apply it properly on the stretch mark.

Put on a broad coating of egg whites on top of your stretch marks. You can do this by using a dirt-free makeup brush or pastry brush. This will proliferate the egg whites on your skin uniformly.

Tip #4: Let the egg whites dry totally before washing it out with cold water.

Dab the parts of your body with a smooth cloth or towel then massage a flimsy coating of olive oil. The olive oil will help hydrate your skin and at the same time make the quality of collagen better in order to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Tip #5: Know when to do it.

You can do the procedure approximately three times daily to notice favorable outcomes. The stretch marks will be less visible during the following weeks. You can stop applying egg whites as soon as you are already contented with the outcomes.

Tip #6: Know what to expect from the process.

Using egg whites on stretch marks will not permanently eliminate it, it will only help lessen its appearance by means of saturating amino acids that will renovate the extremely stretched out skin. The maximum treatment of egg whites on stretch marks is six weeks. On the other hand, if using egg whites on stretch marks does not give away any favorable outcomes, you can consult your dermatologist for further support.

The results of egg whites on the stretch marks will depend on your skin type as well as its gravity. The egg whites will be able to diminish stretch marks if it is still at its onset and you just have to make your skin healthy to avoid future manifestation. If you are disturbed by stretch marks and you do not have lots of money to spend for expensive stretch mark creams, try using egg whites.

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