Glycolic Acid in Stretch Mark Creams

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Glycolic acid is considered as a moderately powerful substance characteristically utilized to eliminate creases as well as prevent untimely skin aging. It is frequently incorporated as a component in solvents and stabilizers for paint and ink to boost assets and make the surface shine. In the same way as alpha hydroxyl acid, it is obtained largely from sugar cane and contains little molecular configuration. Learn how glycolic acid in stretch mark creams will bring a difference to solving your problem.

History of Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid had been traditionally utilized as a medication for hyperpigmentation, acne as well as further skin crises. It had also been utilized several years ago to cleanse metal parts. It is frequently purified for cosmetic utilizations in order to prevent causing danger to people who utilize it as a raw substance on their skin.Glycolic Acid in Stretch Mark Creams

Efficacy of Glycolic Acid in Stretch Mark Cream

The efficacy of glycolic acid in stretch mark cream is considered open for discussion. This is for the reason that for it to turn out to be efficient, it must be utilized in strengths that are a great deal more immense than what your skin can deal with. Therefore, several stretch mark creams possessing glycolic acid do not contain sufficiently elevated intensity of this acid to become efficient.

Safety of Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is extensively put on sale for industrial utilization with strength of 70% or even higher. On the other hand, it can be extremely harmful for human beings to utilize this height, particularly if exposed to the skin. In view of this, the US tags glycolic acid as a dangerous substance if the intensity exceeds beyond 10%. While this concentration is secure for human utilization, this depleted height of intensity contains small to no advantageous effect for your skin. The Food and Drug Administration looks upon any strength of glycolic acid higher than 10% to be dangerous.

How Glycolic Acid Works

Since glycolic acid is a form of sugar cane derivative, it functions by means of going through the skin, resulting to exfoliation. In the course of exfoliation, dead skin cells are eliminated, thus new and wholesome skin becomes apparent. This will then make it efficient in lessening the manifestation of stretch marks.

Purchasing Stretch Mark creams with Glycolic Acid

Buy an OTC cream possessing glycolic acid, but make sure that the OTC skin care product does not contain strength of glycolic acid higher than 10%. Characteristically, the cream should be put on the afflicted part once a day only and make sure to avoid exposure to the sun without sunscreen because AHA can intensify your skin’s susceptibility to sunlight. You must put on to the stretch marks with a blend of recommended topical tretinoin along with a cream possessing glycolic acid to lessen stretch marks with lesser inflammation. If you want to use higher concentration of glycolic acid, you should seek proper advice from your dermatologist.

The bottom line regarding glycolic acid is that even if it is a moderately well-liked moisturizer as well as exfoliating agent for human skin, stretch mark creams do not incorporate this acid. There is still a continuing discussion regarding its total security and efficiency for stretch mark removal.

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