When to Start Using Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

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Stretch marks are unattractive appearances and happen once your skin is stretched out extremely rapidly. However, it is not limited to pregnant women only because these can also manifest in adolescents throughout growth surges or rapid weight increase. Stretch marks usually manifest in thighs, breasts, abdomen and buttocks. It can also be connected to some causative issues such as genetics, insufficient workout, scratching and way of life. Avoidance is the answer to dealing with the manifestation of stretch marks. Learning when to start using a stretch mark prevention cream will also help.

Use It During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered as a renowned origin of stretch marks. Using cream during this period will put off as well as eliminate their manifestation. The utilization of topical creams for avoidance might not work in every situation, but not doing anything at all will most likely assure their manifestation. The most excellent time to begin utilizing a stretch mark cream is immediately once you are pregnant.Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

You must start applying creams as soon as you start conceiving. It is important that you should put on creams on parts of your body that will most likely develop stretch marks. If your skin is healthy and well-hydrated, stretch marks might not develop. It is advised that you use the creams regularly to maintain the hydration and flexibility of your skin. Even though stretch marks had not appeared yet, it is important to prevent its onset ahead of time.

Use it During Your Teenage Years

Lots of adolescents will obtain the unattractive, red blemishing stains once their growth starts to spurt. Both boys and girls can acquire stretch marks during this time. Aside from growth spurts, stretch marks will develop in adolescents due to abrupt weight increase. The most excellent period to prevent manifestation of stretch marks is at age 11 for girls and 12 for boys.

Use It if Your Have Genetic Issues

If both of your parents possess stretch marks, you will most likely be susceptible in increasing it as well. If genetic signs indicate that you will be susceptible to increasing stretch marks, it will be an excellent thought to begin hydrating your skin regularly.

Use it During Bodybuilding

Stretch marks do not only result due to quick weight rise and fall for those who are obese, it can also manifest due to bodybuilding. The bulking series of a bodybuilder is a period of quick muscle enlargement and weight increase. In view of this, the unattractive blemishing can manifest even if these bodybuilders have a picturesque, well-sculpted body. If you want to go on bodybuilding, it is important that you should begin using stretch mark prevention creams prior to undergoing any training to maintain the elasticity as well as hydration of your skin.

The bottom line regarding stretch mark prevention is to keep your skin well hydrated. Use stretch mark prevention creams before it manifests on your skin because it is better to prevent it from appearing beforehand rather than eliminating it as soon as it manifests. Once the stretch mark is there already, it is extremely difficult to eliminate it.

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