How to Make Stretch Mark Cream Using 2 Recipes

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Some women do not find stretch marks that depressing considering the fact that they cannot be seen by the naked eye especially when hidden under blouses or shirts. However, you have to remember that stretch marks may appear anywhere in the body and the risk of exposure increases when this happens. If you would not dare to try stretch mark creams available OTC, you can create one on your own. Here are two stretch mark cream recipes you can make use of.

Recipe 1 – The Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream

Step 1: Prepare your ingredients.

There are a number of ingredients you should prepare when it comes to creating this stretch mark cream. For this, you will need a tablespoon of wheat germ oil, a teaspoon of sesame oil, two teaspoons of beeswax (must be grated) and a teaspoon each of Vitamin E, kernel oil and vanilla extract.

Step 2: Create the cream.

The secret here is to mix all the ingredients slowly but surely. You should start mixing all except for your vanilla extract using a pan. Heat the blended ingredients until all of them have melted. Make sure that you do constant stirring while the ingredients are mixed on the heated pan. From the pan, you can now add your vanilla to give scent to your stretch mark cream.

Step 3: Use the mixture.

Now, another important thing when making a stretch mark cream is to know how to apply the mixture on your skin. In here, the best advice we can give is for you to apply it on your skin (make sure you massage it) to see desired results.

Recipe 2 –The Vitamin-Filled Stretch Mark Cream

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

This stretch mark cream recipe combines four capsules of Vitamin E and 2 capsules of Vitamin A. It also includes 4 pieces of aloe vera leaves and half a cup of olive oil. It would be good to gather your aloe vera leaves fresh from the pot or your backyard. As for the vitamin capsules, make sure they have been drained from the capsules themselves.

Step 2: Mixing the other ingredients

You can now mix the aloe vera gel and the olive oil into the vitamin extracts. Make sure that you blend all the ingredients very well so that you will achieve the consistency you want for your stretch mark cream. The aloe vera gel is quite sticky and this may require proper incorporation in the mixture so that you will achieve the right consistency.

Step 3: Consider some other tips.

Aside from the fact that you should apply the cream on your skin once or twice daily, there is yet one thing more to consider. You have to know how to store the mixture better. You only need an airtight container that will be the storage for the cream then from there, preserve the mixture inside the fridge.Make Stretch Mark Cream

It is not that daunting to make your own stretch mark cream. All you need to do is prepare the materials according to the recipe you are following. Make sure you keep the mixture sealed and stored properly. Lastly, you should apply the cream at least once daily to see better results.

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