Stretch Marks and Suntan Lotions

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Stretch marks can occur due to rapid weight gain which cause the skin to stretch thus will become strained resulting in red, pink and white vertical lines. These stretch marks usually occur on the stomach and thighs but weightlifters can get stretch marks on their arms as well. Likewise, pregnant women can have stretch marks at the end of pregnancy. Laser treatments or surgery is said to be the only way to remove stretch marks completely but usually fade in due time. Applying suntan lotion to stretch marks can make them fade faster though. Get to know about stretch marks and suntan lotions.

Purchasing a Suntan Lotion for Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks and Suntan Lotions Purchase a suntan lotion that contains cocoa butter oil. Suntan lotions usually have the ingredients of cocoa butter, jojoba or coconut oil that keep the skin hydrated while under the sun. Cocoa butter oil is a good moisturizer with natural healing properties. Stretch mark creams and other forms of skin treatment have cocoa butter oil as the common ingredient. Cocoa butter sinks into the lower layers of the skin therefore bring moisture to the source of stretch marks. Start the treatment at once as soon as a stretch mark appears.

Using Suntan Lotions with Cocoa Butters on Pregnant Women

Mothers often complain about the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Seek advice from your doctor to make sure that cocoa butter is advisable to use. Once he gives you the signal that it is okay, you can begin treating the stretch marks 2-3 times a day during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Using a Body Scrub with The Use of Suntan Lotion

When taking shower, use a body scrub into the stretch marks to get rid of the dead skin cells which can interfere with the absorption of suntan lotion. Use a clean towel to dry the skin.

Using Body Lotions to Bring Moisture to Suntan Lotion

Rub body lotion with naturally moisturizing ingredients into the stretch marks. Suntan lotion works faster on hydrated skin. You can buy a lotion with aloe vera because this can hydrate the skin deeply with extensive healing properties. Let the lotion soak in.

Massaging Suntan Lotion on Stretch Marks

Massage suntan lotion into the stretch marks with a firm circular motion and repeat it every day to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. If you want the suntan lotion to be absorbed deeply into the skin, a firm but not painful touch could do this.

Wait for Suntan Lotion to Work

Give yourself enough time for the stretch marks to disappear. The moisturizing properties of the suntan lotion will help reduce the appearance of the stretch marks making it fade in due time.

Aside from the facts provided above, here are some other facts to know about how suntan lotions work for stretch marks. Other ingredients that you may look in stretch mark products are vitamins C, D, and E, Shea butter, glycolic acid and retinyl. If stretch marks are due to body building, add more vitamin E to your diet and make some research on which minerals is your body missing. Do not use cocoa butter on breasts during breast feeding. Chronic steroid use can also cause stretch marks. Adrenal gland diseases and Cushing’s syndrome can cause widespread of stretch marks in the body.

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